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    Behind the Scenes

    Pascal BRULON, journalist at Le Mans TV channel, visits companies, meets the people who work there, discovers innovations and obviously takes a lot of pleasure. Serac shows here how the combination of technological mastery, international presence and proximity can work wonders in terms of development.
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  • Expertise

    Which approach should you choose for your packaging line?

    Ready to wear or custom-made? This is the question that your company must answer once the line project has been decided.
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  • Sustainability

    Glass packaging: Why choose reuse over recycling?

    Because while glass has a high collection rate and the ability to be recycled forever, it also has its drawbacks.
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  • Case study

    Returnable Packaging: Organic Dairy products - Case Study

    Glass containers, and in particular reusable ones, require special precautions and call for specific options on the filling line. Let’s have a closer look on how we can help you seize the returnable glass opportunity.
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